Asphalt Services

Trinity's services include both intensive field & laboratory testing:

  • Superpave, Hveem, and Marshall Mix Designs
  • Slurry/Cape seal design
  • All types of Extraction/ Gradation
  • Specific Gravity compacted mix
  • Hot/Cold asphalt recycling processes and design
  • Moisture Sensitivity Ratios (TSR's and Hamburg Wheel Test)
  • Large Rock Asphalt Concrete Designs
  • Aggregate Physical and Chemical Properties
  • Soils Physical and Chemical Properties
  • Asphalt Concrete Physical and Chemical Properties
  • Profilograph (company owned)

Trinity provides pavement consulting services to assist with:

  • New Pavement Design
  • Construction Services
  • Evaluate Existing Pavements
  • Pavement Plans and Specifications
  • Managed and Tested over a 1,000 QC/QA projects
  • (FHWA, FAA, Caltrans, and ARMY CORP)