Trinity Engineering specialized in education of every specification and requirements to meet our clients needs. Our lab testing goes beyond the normal testing required. Our testing is done accurately to provide quality results. We are proud to be apart of Local 12 Operating Engineers. 

Our Engineering Services

Materials Consulting and Testing

Soils, Aggregates, Concrete, Stone, Masonry Block, Brick, Grout, Mortar, Asphaltic Concrete, Bituminous Materials, Cement-treated Materials, Binder Analysis and Grading, PG, AR, AC, MC, SC, and other binders designs, Slurry and Chip Seals, Design and Analysis

Forensic Engineering

Litigation Consulting, Document Review, Code and Specification Compliance Assessments, Failure Analysis and Resolution, Expert Witness Testimony, Claim and Schedule Review and Opinion Development, Mediation and Arbitration Support, Laboratory Analysis, Field Investigations

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Geotechnical Engineering Services

Laboratory Soil and Rock Testing and Pavement Analysis and Design

New Product Evaluations

Production and Design Analysis, Green Initiatives, All Recycling Components and Operations, Material Research and Design

Production Quality Control

Aggregate, Asphalt, Concrete and Aggregate Production Facility Inspection and Testing

Special Inspection

All agencies, QC/QA Projects, Cold In-place Recycling, Hot In-place Recycling, Concrete, Asphalt Concrete, Soils, Cemented Treated Soils and Base, and Lean Concrete Base Designs

Petrographic Inspection

Concrete, Aggregates, Mortar, Grout